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Our vanilla is the secret behind some of the world's biggest brands and products that you know and love. For the first time, our vanilla beans are available for the home baker! Our Gourmet Grade A Bourbon vanilla beans are grown and harvested by our partner farmers in Madagascar. Slowly cured using traditional techniques, our beans are a deep, dark brown that showcase the alluring aroma of sweet fig and chocolate notes.

Gourmet Grade A signifies that our beans are of the highest quality with a moisture content of at least 30% and filled with fragrant vanilla caviar.

Available for retail sales or wholesale use.


Bring Your Baking to The Next Level

Amazing For:

· Ice Cream

· Frosting

· Vanilla Sugar

· Icing

· Cupcakes and Cakes

Vanilla beans are a great addition to a variety of professional and homebrewed beers or cocktails.

Try In:

· Barrel Aged Stouts

· Milk or Pastry Stouts

· Espresso Martini

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